Dinah Jean-Philippe

Dinah Jean-Philippe

artist, activist, and educator from Miami, Florida

About Dinah Jean-Philippe

Dinah Jean-Philippe is known throughout the Miami arts community as a creative, philanthropic, and passionate individual with a deep desire to make the world a better place. She has extensive training in the field of education and has been involved in the nonprofit sector for ten years. In her role as the founder of a noted arts education nonprofit organization, Dinah Jean-Philippe spends most of her time educating children from a wide variety of backgrounds on the arts. She is also an artist of considerable regard in her own right, having displayed her work in multiple venues across Florida.

News & Media

Dinah Jean-Philippe Launches Website

It is with great pride and pleasure that Dinah Jean-Philippe, a noted artist, activist, and nonprofit founder based out of South Florida, announces that her new website is live on the internet and ready to welcome visitors.

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Philanthropy is a powerful tool for achieving your personal and professional goals. Giving to charities or non-profit organizations can impact the world around you while you reach your objectives.

What Does Success Look Like to You? — Dinah Jean-Philippe

As an artist, activist, and educator, Dinah Jean-Philippe is the creator and de facto head of a nonprofit arts organization that offers arts education to typically underserved children.

Dinah Jean-Philippe Discusses How Technology Is Impacting The Art Industry

In recent years, expert Dinah Jean-Philippe in Miami, FL, says technology has profoundly impacted the art industry, allowing for new ways to develop, market, and experience art.

Dinah Jean-Philippe is the Subject of a New Interview

It is with great enthusiasm that Dinah Jean-Philippe, a professional artist, activist, educator, and nonprofit founder based out of Miami, Florida, announces that she is the subject of a new interview.

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